Marjan, an ecological economist, experienced two personal consultancy sessions. The first was uniquely designed for Marjan's reflective personality and enjoyment of walking. It used a seven stage process of Clean questions and journalling, 90 minutes of silence and metaphors encountered in nature. This exploration was witnessed by the camera so that the insights could be furthered deepened in a second session when the images were reviewed.
"I found the process grounding to be amongst the trees and realised there was permission in the experience itself for slowing down and overcoming inhibition. Both the questions and nature itself guided me. All of this gave me a higher level of awareness and I observed how the process allowed me two full cycles of reflection. 
Something shifted for me. I found what was unwanted inside of me and I was able to release it. The metaphors I encountered along the latter part of the walk inspired new thoughts and I went deeper, especially when running along the garden paths, releasing what was no longer serving me. 
The walk created space in my life and time to reflect on myself and think differently. Through having my desired outcomes on coloured cards, which at one point were in the wrong place and on the wrong colour, I could turn that moment of confusion and transition into an opportunity. 
I'd exhausted my normal thinking and the process supported me in choosing to recommit and finding new light, ultimately realising where I give value in life. 
I like the final photo you captured: a special moment of newness for me. Thank you." Marjan

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