Prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis which take into consideration your own financial circumstances, especially during this covid-19 period. The fees outlined below are a guideline.
And a free discovery call of up to 20 minutes is available for you to ask any questions you have about Personal Consultancy, photography or projects. If you prefer, this can also take place via an exchange of messages or emails.

Personal Consultancy
One Off Fees
Initial consultation lasting 1h: $75; during covid-19 times currently koha / by donation
One-off 1 hour session: $100

Unlimited contact is available with the packages. Fees can vary depending on session frequency
Seasonal (3 months): $960
Monthly: $360
Super Seven: $630

1.5 hours photography + 2 hours photo editing + 1.5h project management: $400
Please enquire for your event. A fee will be calculated on $100 per hour.

Project scoping will be charged at $100 per hour.

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