Natalie joined in Wellington Conversations as a conversation facilitator and photographer. Each month, conversation facilitators hosted events in cafés and community spaces across Wellington City. Photographs were used to promote the pilot project online. Ongoing feedback from Tim and Caroline, the project coordinators:
"Thanks so much for these beautiful photos. I love your approach to photography - it feels ethical and grounded in your person and practice. I appreciate you sharing more about it, the extra context is really appreciated."​​​​​​​
"The photos are wonderful - thank you! I love how you've captured some of the moments :)"
"Great thanks Natalie! Awesome photos that tell the story!"
"You did a great job today. Thank you. I really appreciate the time you're offering and the commitment you have to this project. It means a lot."
"Great to see you Natalie. Wonderful you were there and sharing your gift for taking photos with us. Your photos are beautiful - you did a particularly amazing job at the Hangar event! Thank you."

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