Photographing My Way Home
January 2020
I recently came full circle with my photography, whilst making an image of a lavender flower head. It was a beautiful moment to be out in Wellington Botanical Gardens on a sunny day capturing the photo and remembering that this was how it all started.
You see, it was seeing a photo of a flower with a shallow depth of field in a magazine as a young teen that launched my interest in photography. The beauty of the flower must have dazzled me and I wanted to know how the photographer had achieved the blurry background so that the flower stood out so naturally like that. It wasn’t until 2006 when I was gifted a DSLR from my family and took a career break from ICT teaching that I started to figure it out. And now with years of learning and unlearning, I’m able to give myself complete permission to experience wonder and photograph flowers just for the sheer meditative joy of walking the gardens barefoot and enjoying pretty things! Continued...

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