She likens photography to meditation finding it a creative way of observing, documenting and sharing the world. She enjoys naturally lit photo sessions that include photographing events of a transformative nature as well as making natural portraits that suit or need a facilitative stance.
All images on this site have been created by Natalie. Those available to purchase are on a separate site and have both personal and commercial licenses.
"Your photos are just wonderful. I love every single one of them. Most beautiful how you’ve captured the atmosphere of the group and the work going on. Thank you very much! Let’s keep in touch." Course facilitator
"Thanks so much for these beautiful photos. I love your approach to photography - it feels ethical and grounded in your person and practice. I appreciate you sharing more about it, the extra context is really appreciated." Event facilitator
"I accepted you in the group as the photographer. You really blended in and by the second day I didn't even notice you being there!" Event participant
"Thank you so much for the photos from the workshop, they are gorgeous, with the natural light and lovely relaxed expressions of the people you have captured - myself included :) These days, no-one takes photos of me so it is especially lovely to have them, thank you again." Event participant

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