Nicola provides personal growth training and coaching for individuals and organisations. Her personal consultancy session was over a sunny, full morning at her home. Coaching proceeded the photography so that Nicola could truly identify and embody the different parts of her personality. Living true to her values, boundaries, and soulful expression she danced her way with authentic prompting from the coaching session to create imagery to use on her website inspiring others to live courageously from their fullest truth.
"The photos will help me remember how I configure the parts within me. And I'll also use the photos as a tool to come back to that state of connectedness." Nicola
Given the depth and emergence of what turned out to be a pivotal day for both Nicola and Natalie, we audio recorded a little joint reflection which is typed up and shared at the bottom of the page.
Natalie: Nicola, we've just spent 5 hours together - coaching and photography. What was the experience like?
Nicola: It was like coming deeply into myself; relaxing deeply in myself and expressing myself from that place. The Clean questioning was perfect because I really needed to come home to myself. It was like going down a spiral staircase, down deeper into myself, the more questions asked, the more I could get in touch with myself, and that was exactly what I needed to do anyway, so it was perfect.
Natalie: And then what happened?
Nicola: After one hour of questions I found myself in a completely different state than when we had first started and what I had thought was going to happen. Everything else after that arose from there.
Natalie: And when the completely different state, what kind of state was that?
Nicola: A deep connectedness with myself and very relaxed. I felt clear, confident, calm and was breathing deeply in and out in a relaxed way. It was blissful at times.
Natalie: And what happened next?
Nicola: The next three steps from that state were obvious as they were born from that very connected place. It all unfolded really perfectly because of being in that state.
Natalie: And then what happened?
Nicola: I identified the different parts of me that needed to be arranged in a certain way, so that I had an internal support system. I kept following the feeling and how to set that up. I stepped into each part and noticed how they interacted with one another. I saw how I could create a support system within me, so that I could be in my power and I identified how to come back to it when I slipped out of it.
Natalie: You created a support system within. Anything else about that support system?
Nicola: The photos will help me remember how I configure the parts within me. And I'll also use the photos as a tool to come back to that state of connectedness.
Natalie: And is there anything about the photos that came out of the session?
Nicola: It felt amazing, really creative, powerful and fun to feel all the different facets of myself and be witnessed through the lens of a camera. I enjoyed the movement and you guiding me through the different parts to embody them and create the images. The images feel part of the process of rediscovering me, they aren't just some bog standard photo. I think they will also help me when it comes to my business i.e. who am I now and what am I offering now?
Natalie: And who are you now?
Nicola: It can't really be spoken but I would say, home in myself. The one who knows.
Natalie: The one who knows. And is there anything else you would like to say before we close?
Nicola: The day's been a real adventure. It was real pleasure and joy to be following the flow of the Clean process, as it was dynamic and exciting and natural. It felt like quality of life. I loved working with you! I loved how you held anything so spaciously, so that I could pour myself into the process. You allowed me to lead it and you were there in the right measure when I needed some guidance and reflections. And I loved the trust you had in the process so that it could be all that it could do. It was so expansive and because of that I could expand into myself. I now feel really connected, really nourished, really rich, really good! Hard to put into words but it feels really good! Thank you so much.
Natalie: Thank you!
Nicola: And what about you? How did you feel it?
Natalie: I feel really energised and content and happy. It's interesting what you say about trusting the process. I did have deep trust and faith in it. I knew you would lead in a way that was right for you. It's always a privilege when someone is willing to go deep and really connect to themselves. I feel I've gotten to know the real you more. You take your time over things which I love.
And I loved how you built this internal support system for yourself and witnessing how it transformed and took shape. Seeing the changes in the moment was truly magical. It was beautiful to be seeing your inner knowing: where to go, when, how etc.. I feel quite tearful actually, tears of joy... it's so beautiful that you know yourself so well. The little nods - I understand that little nod!
Nicola: Anything else?
Natalie: I enjoyed the authentic way of directing the photography process that emerged. So rather than 'stand like this', 'pose like that', 'do this', 'do that'... it became a really authentic and congruent way of working with the inner you. I feel completely alive from this process! You've given me a true gift today, to truly embody 'Coach with the Camera'. That feels really good! We got to combine lots of stuff that I've dreamt about for years and to share that with you today, well, life can't really get that much better! Thank you.
Nicola: And to finish, your favourite bit?
Natalie: Overall, the sense of relaxation I've got right now is that of having gone into some kind of joint higher meditation with you. The transference of good feelings, it feels wonderful to be feeling and spreading the love!
Nicola: Yup, a total shared experience. Very connected. Thank you.
Natalie: Thank you.

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