As the founder of Coach with the Camera, Natalie has been exploring and weaving together both coaching and photography in various ways since 2008. Her expertise is in where they overlap: attention (framing), intention (focus), metaphor and creative processing. She offers three services:
Personal Consultancy
Using a diverse range of therapeutic coaching tools, Natalie supports people to create purposeful well-being. Personal Consultancy is suitable for non-photographers and photographers alike. Photography or photographs can be involved in sessions or not (there is no requirement). Some people like using photos to aid talking and creative enquiry, others like the Personal Consultancy process to be witnessed with the camera.
Natalie is a contemplative photographer and visual ethnographer. She likens photography to meditation finding it a creative way of observing, documenting and sharing the world. She enjoys photo sessions that include photographing events of a transformative nature as well as making natural portraits that suit or need a facilitative stance. All images on this site have been created by Natalie and some are available to purchase.
'Coach with the Camera' Projects
Building on her time as a photography teacher and mentor at The Photo School, Natalie facilitates all kinds of projects that interweave photography, photovoice and transformative change. Her current offerings include a peer-mentoring group for photographers based in Wellington and for women only, an online group that's using photography to explore menstrual cycles and feminine leadership. She is also available for collaborations and assistantships on projects that need a Coach with a Camera!
Discover More
A free discovery call of up to 20 minutes is available for you to ask any questions you have about Personal Consultancy, photography or combined projects. If you prefer, this can also take place via an exchange of messages or emails.

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