Building on her time as a photography teacher and mentor at The Photo School, Natalie facilitates all kinds of projects that interweave photography, photovoice, creativity and transformative change. 
Projects are undertaken with others where there is an overlap of values e.g. well-being, growth, community, creativity, courage, emergence, play. Typically this tends to be with other business artists, social entrepreneurs, social enterprises/not-for-profits and businesses in teaching, health and service. Whilst collaborations may last anything from a few hours, days or weeks, preference and suitability is for longer-term projects. They may be paid, in-exchange or voluntary depending on current resources and needs - please enquire. 
Please note, that not all individuals or groups I have collaborated with have allowed their stories to be shared as photos on this site. Please ask if you wish to see my private photography portfolio or hear more.
Natalie's own current projects include: 
"A huge congrats on your community workshop last week – it was a brilliant evening and the most people we’ve ever had at one of our creative nights! Well done and thank you." Husk Creative Space​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
"You did a great job today. Thank you. I really appreciate the time you're offering and the commitment you have to this project. It means a lot." Tim, Wellington Conversations
"Thanks very much for all your help. I wouldn't have put on the closing event without your suggestions and aid. My friend messaged to say she found it all very interesting." Philip, Exhibitor

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